Art Party 2016

I always love going to Art Party at the Atlanta Contemporary. The exhibition is always excellent and thought provoking, but my favorite part of Art Party is the Artist Studio Program Open Studios. I am a naturally curious and nosy person, especially when it comes to artists’ processes. Additionally, I like to see what artists post up on their walls to inspire themselves to keep working. I thought I would share the ones I saw this year: 

And here is a list of rules I found recently on Brain Pickings that I have been trying to follow in life and art:

I hope that provides some inspiration to you as well. Happy creating!

‘Tis The Season

I had the pleasure of being part of two of my favorite shows that happen in December in Atlanta: Nick O’ Time at Kibbee Gallery and 10th Annual Pin-Up Show at MINT! I pinned up some photographs at MINT from my recent travels to Philadelphia, New York, and Midtown Atlanta. I have my new series entitled Decay at Kibbee, which will run until January. 

Also, I have some exciting news. I finally have a studio space! I will be creating works in my new studio space with the fine folks at The Mammal Gallery. I’m really excited and ready to make more artwork in the coming year! Here is a look at the space: 

I am looking forward to the new year and I hope your holidays are wonderful!

Film vs. Digital

I am currently in the process of shooting and developing film! So in the mean time, I wanted to share a short video and some pictures I have been taking lately on my cell phone. The instantaneous nature of shooting with my phone makes me glad to have a portable camera in my pocket at all times. The delayed gratification of film also draws me into the process and the nuances of light. For my working process, they are just the other side of the same coin to me. Check out more of my updates on my Instagram if you like what you see.    

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