Hand Eye

My friend, Asa, mentioned being part of this skateboard art show and asked me if I wanted to join him. I said, “Absolutely.” The show was presented by Ruin Inc. and the proceeds went to purchasing socks for those who are homeless in the the Metro Atlanta area. 

Being more free form with my recent painting and drawing style was really fun. Also, I finally tried out the clear gesso I have had for a while. Having the wood grain show through the paint has been an effect I have tried with watercolor and I am glad that it works with acrylic too. I added a little bit of gold pigment powder to the gesso as well. Check out the detail shots below:

The Georgia weather decided to be nice and sunny the day of the exhibition. I got to learn a lot about skateboarding from Asa and see some people pull off some cool tricks (and some wipe outs too) at Brook Run Skate Park. Check out the spread of boards:

And my full board: 

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