Destroy - Rebuild

The Mammal Gallery is my home away from home. The guys that run it are awesome and I am taking part of a show running through July in this lovely space!

Destroy - Rebuild is a three phase exhibition. 

Phase 1: Artwork destroyed. I gave my very first collage up for this phase.

Phase 2: Gallery is open for everyone to come build from the destroyed pieces. Here are some sneak peeks of what I worked on today:

Phase 2 will go until July 1st if you want to get involved! 

Phase 3: An entirely new show consisting of the collective work of all of those who participate! It is happening Friday, July 7th starting at 7 PM.

EDIT: My Phase 3 contribution:

I can’t wait to see where this show ends up! So far, it has been a great creative experience that gave me the opportunity to create outside my normal studio setting and with other artists.

Check out The Mammal Gallery for more details!

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